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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

With the rise in the number of online businesses in India, ranking on 1st page of Google is the most important competition today, be it ads or SEO, both can give your business leads beyond your imagination. Without having adequate amount of information and understanding of the market competence, businesses cannot rank on relevant keywords and hence no online sales!


People Search, and that data combined with millions of users each day gives information on what’s going on in the market. You do not have to spy your competitors with the binoculars on, it’s easier with data. So sit back and analyze the competitor with the ease of internet.

· Market segmentation can be on various deciding factors for your business, but primarily it has 4 types:

  1. Demographic segmentation (location wise)

  2. Psycho graphic segmentation (beliefs, values, attitudes, interests, lifestyles etc.)

  3. Behavioral segmentation (needs and desires of customer groups)

  4. Geographic segmentation (country, state, region, city or even neighborhood)

Competitors for each market segment can then be figured out by :

  1. Open Incognito Browsing

    1. Search for 1 keyword that comes to your mind for each segment of the market( you can try more relevant keywords then by the Google suggestions at the bottom of the Search Result Page)

    2. Or use tools like KEYWORD TOOL or Moz etc

  2. Make a list of all the relevant competitors along with their website address

  3. Open> Search for competitors websites and select only with raking lesser than 20k-50k.

  4. Eliminate the ones with higher ranking(skip this step if all your competitors have higher ranking)

Keyword Analysis:

With the existing competition on google already with whatever you are buying or selling, its extremely important to bet customers on handpicked keywords. Keyword Analysis is an awesome way to understand what the market is searching for and in how much volume, and your pie in it. The bigger the pie your business demands, stronger needs to be the SEO, and hence a proper Way of selecting keywords is required.

Although there could be 100s of keywords some businesses do SEO for, most effective way to do it is with increasing the content with relevant topics that users search for and looking at the collective data of your competitors will filter the competition over the keywords you want to rank for.

Lets check how:

  1. Go to UBERSUGGEST and check each competitor website.

  2. Paste the website URLs one by one on the search bar, select country and hit ENTER. Scroll down and check the keyword list, you can also download the csv File.

  3. Open the CSV file and format it into a table.

4. Now you can see the keywords on which the competitor ranks on Google, also the volume and estimated visits on the competitors website.

5. Select the keywords as per your SEO demands, you can select the keywords which are (SEO difficulty: Less), (position: less than 20), (Volume & Est Visits as per your market)

6. These keywords will be the most competitive keywords for SEO, you can add your brand keywords accordingly.

Repeat the process for each competitor from each Segment, Select the keywords as guided and go ahead with your On page and Off page SEO.

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