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Updated: Feb 12

3 ways by which good product image can help bring sales to your brand in 2021, Blindspot Media, Digital Marketing Agency in Guwahati
Importance of good product image for e-commerce

If you have a brand, then you are already aware of how much importance a good amount of traffic holds in increasing the sales of your e-commerce website or online shop. In order to make the business lucrative, the main motive should be converting this traffic into sales. One needs to invest the same amount of energy on conversion as they would on building the traffic for their brand. You are only wasting time if this is not your priority.

It is pivotal to keep in mind that in digital marketing, pictures leave no room for confusion as words do, in some aspects. It is unsparing, but you best believe it when I tell you that customers love a bit of pleasantly new and personalized surprises each time they are on your website.

Research tells us that:

- 56% of online shoppers love shopping on a website that offers personalized recommendations.

- 57% of shoppers will not hesitate to provide personal information if they believe it will benefit them.

- Personalized ads function much better than ordinary ads.

You might question how to use such striking images that would coax customers into trusting your brand and believing they shall be benefited from it. The answer is-“The buyer’s decision is mostly influenced by images that appeal to their emotions.”

Here are a few points to keep in mind while selecting images for your brand:

Product photography and cataloging by Blindspot Media India
Importance of good quality product image in e-commerce websites

1. Research tells us that having the correct image that best suits the buyer’s emotions is fundamentally important and shows that buyers also wish to experience what they browse especially in e-commerce. This is exactly where a good quality product image starts playing its role.

Images that create a visual experience for customers
Product images that help increase conversion for brands

2. Although, the correct type of images influence conversion, it is still important to keep the audience engaged. This can be done by virtually allowing the audience an opportunity to visualize the browsing experience with your product. Give the audience a way to zoom in on any part of the product. This will also enable the user to have an extraordinary experience that pleases their emotions and increase conversion and engagement, in the process.

E-commerce platforms should enable the customer to visualize every possible angle of the product that they are wishing to buy so that it is easier for them to identify with it, which is only possible with a professional product photoshoot with proper guidelines set for every available category.

It is also vitally important to show every possible perspective in order to enable the customer to understand the authenticity and quality of the product. It’s imperative in nature to maintain a good amount of consistency in the style and design of each product photo.

Properly edited product image
Importance of properly edited product images in increasing conversion

3. Avoid over-editing your product images, make sure that your images have the right color and tone variations; carry the right feel, and are prominently seen against the backdrop of your website. It should instantly be able to keep a visitor engrossed.

Use editing tools to make them look more professional. Optimize images to aid SEO in the process. It is equally important that your website be easily found. Sitemaps are crucial if your website has a massive number of images.

Remember that your customers depend on the kind of information that you provide. Images serve that purpose. By following the steps that have been aforementioned, you can help your customers reach their goal and increase sales, in the process. Remember to be transparent when dealing with your customers.