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Digital Marketing Trends 2021 in India- Blindspot Media

The year 2020 has a lot of marketers rushing to keep up. Surely it’s been a year like no other, really, with current events dramatically shaping digital marketing trends. Moving towards 2021, we've already seen severe changes in digital marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it appears that 2021 will bring many changes as well.

One of the best ways to be a successful marketer is by staying on top of trends and implementing them into a marketing strategy of your own. It's so crucial to ensure your business is never using outdated or ineffective strategies to reach your audience, as this can lead to a spiral of downward events.

In this article, We have shared some upcoming trends for the 2021 digital marketing world and provided suggestions to prepare you for what’s in store. And there's no better way to stay miles ahead of your competitors than by educating yourself about the future of digital.

1. AI-powered Chatbots for better response management.

The role of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in digital marketing cannot be understated. SEO to messaging, Artificial Intelligence is an essential digital marketing tool nowadays.

Upgrade your customer service with customized and instantaneous AI-powered chatbots. The chatbots can do so much more beyond answering frequently-asked questions. With natural language processing, the chatbots can understand customers' real search intent, account for past conversations with a customer in answering new queries, and naturally interact with them.

As we're approaching almost the last leg of 2020, upgrade to an AI-powered chatbot armed with deep-learning and conversational abilities. Select one that can run on all of your digital channels – website, messaging apps, and customer support tools.

2. More impressions of ephemeral content on several platforms.

What is Ephemeral content?

In case if you didn't know, Ephemeral content is visual content that is only accessible temporarily (typically 24 hours). It can be a photo, recorded or live-stream video, product demos, etc. And surely, this type of content is hugely popular on social media networks such as Facebook (My Day), Instagram (Stories), Snapchat (Snaps).

So in 2021, try and promote your brand with the use of ephemeral content. Just for the record, Facebook has more than 1.66 billion active users every day, while Instagram has about 800 million. Snapchat alone with 187 million daily active users creates 1 million snaps everyday.

Besides, this type of content elicits an immediate response from the audience, such as an urgent need to purchase, allows your customers to engage with your brand, expands your reach, and builds trust with your network.

3. Video Marketing Trend

We simply cannot rule out the fact that 60% of customers say that watching product videos before purchasing gives them a more clear picture of the product which makes them more confident about buying the product. And when it's about the digital marketing trends of 2021, Video marketing is the backbone of digital marketers.

Great quality content will be of value and interest to your customers especially if it creates an experience. Whether you're promoting DIY tutorial videos, founder narrative stories, styling videos, or partnering with local videographers to tell stories relevant to your audience. It’s all about indirect sell and using it to build your brand.

Let’s say for an example that if you are buying the product then what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course! Most commonly, the below-written questions will pop up in front of you:

-What is it?

-When should I buy it?

-How do I buy it?

-Who’s it a good/not good fit for?

-How much does it cost?

-Why do I need it?

But how will you get the answer? And this is exactly where a video can influence the customer in buying the product. Making a video about your product can be very beneficial for you to convince the customer and making them consider you before doing the payment.

4. Google’s latest update: BERT

The most valuable takeaways from this BERT update is that Google is yet again becoming closer to understanding language on a human level. For SEO rankings, it will mean that it will present results that are a better fit to a particular query and that can only be a good thing.

There’s no optimization required for BERT other than the work you are already doing: produce relevant content of excellent quality and publish with backlinks and anchor tags on most relevant platforms.

5. AR and VR Technology

Currently, when people are busier and might not be able to visit your commercial space or they’re trying to imagine how your brand fits into their life. Generating immersive marketing taps into how visual we are, shows your brand is cutting edge, and creates a diverse, memorable offering.

AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have touched the zenith of fame in recent years and are rapidly growing to be one of the leading marketing designs. While Virtual Reality was the more well-known of the two for quite a while, it is a fact that Augmented Reality will outpace Virtual Reality by 2020 or say, 2021 in comparison to Virtual Reality.

6. Take Care Of Your Positions In Mobile Search

We are living in an era of new technologies and their constant improvement. While people of all ages trying to follow new trends and master them as soon as possible. You should be on the same path. As mobile search is gaining more popularity day by day.

If your content is well organized, users will surely appreciate your hard work and your content will be easy to find and access via mobile search. While leaving your website optimized strictly for desktops is the worst idea ever.

An incredible desktop appearance is definitely cool, however, but Google itself has warned you that mobile optimization is a must with its mobile-first indexing update. Here is how:

1. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) markup

2. Implement Schema markup

3. Choose a responsive web design

4. Compress images

5. Remove Flash-based content your website

6. Tag posts based on mobile searches

7. Remove pop-ups from your mobile site

7. Optimize for Voice Search

The creation of products like Alexa and Google Home has created a massive boom in the usage of voice search. As such devices rely almost entirely on voice queries to serve customers.

Nowadays, about half the world’s population uses some form of voice search. In 2021, the figure is only expected to rise, which it’s why it’s important to make sure your company is ready. This is how:

  1. Optimize for Rich Answers

  2. Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content according to the readers

  3. Use Conversational Language for Content

  4. Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

  5. Improve Loading Time of Your Website(very important)

  6. Leverage Google My Business Listings, post content regularly.

As we are already approaching the last leg of 2020, what should business owners or marketers look forward to in the coming year? What trends should you take note of as you map out your digital marketing strategy for 2021?

Leave your suggestions on the comment!